RPG Maker MV – Interiors For Beginners

RPG Maker MV – Interiors For Beginners

So the last post talked about the creation of a town map. Well this post will be about creating RPG Maker MV interiors. The first problem I ran into with this thing was that my map size was way too small. I couldn’t draw anything on the 17 x 13 map which is the default size for new maps. At least it’s an easy thing to change, so no problem there. Just right-click on the map of choice and select ‘Edit’. So I changed the size to 17 x 15, which worked out nicely. Then drew out some lines for walls and selected a nice floor to go with it!

RPG Maker MV Interiors - Item shop without decals

Well the hard part with designing the interiors for these RPG games is with decals (well, at least for me). Although I’m still in the learning phase, so there’s that. The problem is that I don’t know when I’m adding too much decal and when I’m adding too little. So I have to find the right balance with them. I’m confident that it’s going to get easier as time goes by. The more you map, the better you will be at mapping. Anyways, here is a screenshot of the interior after adding in some decals for the place!

RPG Maker MV Interior - Item shop after adding decals

So… What do you think? Don’t be shy, tell me in the comments! Now since this is the item shop, we unfortunately (maybe fortunately) can’t stop here. We still have to add some shop keeping fun stuff here! So you see the counter thingie going across the map? There’s this neat feature when designing the interiors. It’s called a counter tile, now what this tile allows you to do is activate an event from one tile further. Which means that the player doesn’t have to “speak” to the shopkeeper, but can use the counter tile to “speak” to it. So here’s a screenshot from the finished item shop.

RPG Maker MV - Screenshot of the ready item shop interior

Do you think the interiors would pass as an item shop? Now I have added some events to the map. The events are shown as darker tiles on the map. The one on the bottom of the screen is the transfer event that lets the player leave the shop and back to the town map. The top right event has some flavor text that just tells the player not to cross to the other side of the counter. Now of course the player can’t pass the wall tile, but I just thought it’s a nice touch to have him say something about not bothering the shop keeper. And last we of course have the shop keeper herself. Here’s a screenshot of that event, which I created myself without the quick creation.

RPG Maker MV - Screenshot of the item shop keepers event

Do you think the event does its job? I think it does, of course it could be improved. But I guess I’ll just go with this for now. We can always refine it later! It’s hard to decide what the next post will be about. Would you like to see some more interiors? Maybe some more events? Or do you think it’s about time we get to the world map? Leave a comment down below about your thoughts!


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