RPG Maker MV – Beginning Town Creation

RPG Maker MV – Beginning Town Creation

In the previous post I talked about creating a dungeon with RPG Maker MV. Now it’s time to check out some town development! So how about we start this post off with a screenshot? I think it’s a nice idea, so here it is.

Screenshot of RPG Maker MV - First town layout

So what are we looking at here? Well it’s the basic layout for the city. Now it’s just time to add some buildings, some roads, fences, trees, all those kind of things that towns in RPG games have! I decided to start out with adding some buildings and drawing the fence around the town. Although after laying down the buildings and fences, I thought it would’ve made more sense to draw the roads first. Oh well, it worked okay in the end.

Well after getting the buildings down and some fences so the player can’t go roaming all around the map it was time to add the roads, some trees and the appropriate signs on top of the doors to tell the players where are the inns and weapon shops and all the other notable places.

Screenshot of RPG Maker MV - Creating a town

So this is the finished project for this post! What do you think? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Maybe you could leave a comment and we could start a discussion about mapping? Do you have any experience in RPG Maker MV or any other versions of RPG Maker? In the next post we will be looking at creating the interiors for all those beautiful buildings. We should probably also look at finalizing the town map. Maybe add some more details and cool things for the player to look at. And of course NPC’s (Non-Player Characters), we can’t forget about those! The player will need someone to talk to and someone to give them some quests to do. But more on those in the next post. Stay tuned!


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