RPG Maker MV – Beginners First Steps

RPG Maker MV – Beginners First Steps

The creator

Hello there reader, my name is washynator and in this blog I will be discussing about my endeavors with RPG Maker MV! And everything else that comes to mind, mostly about game development though. I have some experience with Unity using C# and just a little bit with Unreal Engine 4 using their Blueprints system. Although now we will be focusing on RPG Maker MV!

RPG Maker MV

To start off, I have very little experience with RPG Makers in general. I have used RPG Maker VX Ace for about 30 or so hours, which of course isn’t a lot by any stretch, but at least I have some basic concepts under my belt. I recently purchased RPG Maker MV from Steam Halloween sale and have used it for a couple of hours. So far I love it!

I have been reading a lot about the design side of things recently and I stumbled upon this article, which talks about the steps for making your first RPG. I decided to follow ShortStars advice and started with the dungeon map.

The project

Well what is this project about? It’s about learning more about RPG Maker MV in particular and to get more experience with game development. This first game will have one dungeon (with three levels), one town and probably a pretty small world map. At least that’s what I’m aiming for, let’s see when it’s finished. But since this is the first project, I will try to keep the scope as small as possible.

Now I can’t post screenshots of the entire dungeon to avoid spoilers, but I can show some parts of it. Let’s take a look at what I have before adding any details on the map.

Screenshot of RPG Maker MV editor - The dungeon map before decals

Now let’s see what we can make as a noob with this program by adding in some details, shall we.

Screenshot of RPG Maker MV editor - The dungeon map after decals

Okay some time has passed and this is what we have now. It’s still nothing special but at least it’s better, right?

Creating maps is hard and creating good maps is even harder. Creating excellent maps is a skill that takes a long time to learn. That is why my first map looks kinda lame, but I’m confident that my next game will have better maps!

Do you have any experience with RPG Maker MV (all other game development software), leave a comment and let’s discuss things! That does it for this first post! On the next post we shall see what we can do with the map editor and towns!


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